About the project

Toryglen’s Marvellous Meadow is a CSV Action Earth funded project, co-ordinated by the charity Buglife, that aims to bring residents of Toryglen, Glasgow, together in a series of outdoor sessions to create a wildflower species-rich meadow at Malls Mire Community Woodland.

Toryglen is a district in south-east Glasgow that sits just west of the much larger town of Rutherglen. The meadow will be created at Mall’s Mire Community Woodland, an area of mixed woodland that sits on the northern edge of Toryglen (see map of the woodland here). The community woodland was planted in 1993 and is now managed and maintained by local volunteers and the local charity Urban Roots. The community woodland is host to a wide range of plant and animal life, but is also overlooked by a number of flats, meaning it is easily accessible to many people who live locally.

The project sessions will take place from September-December 2014 and will involve practical and healthy activities that create a wildflower patch. On top of this, there will be a number of wildlife workshops that will allow people to enjoy and learn more about the wildlife found at Toryglen.

The meadow will be situated adjacent to a well used public footpath near to Toryglen Community Base and will bring stunning colour and wildlife to the area. With the help of the local community and Urban Roots, this meadow will develop over time and be available for the entire community and visitors to enjoy for years to come.

The wildflowers that will be sown at the meadow are types that are native to Scotland. Using these species will ensure that local wildlife will use the plants that grow at the meadow and so support animals in the area such as beautiful bumblebees and butterflies.

Several sessions will be taking place to create the meadow and carry out the wildlife workshops. Everyone is welcome to attend these events and they are all free. Please see the ‘Upcoming events’ page for more information.

We hope to see you down at the meadow soon!



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