Upcoming events

All sessions listed are free to attend with no need to book and all are welcome to join in. Every session will provide new and interesting skills to learn and share with others. More sessions will be listed as they are confirmed so keep checking back for more information. All sessions start at Urban Roots, Toryglen Community Base, 179 Prospecthill Circus. 

Please feel welcome to come along and join in!


  • No current upcoming events.


 Previous sessions:
November 2014:

  • Thursday 20th November: Dead hedge creation. Join us for a winter session creating a dead hedge to border the meadow site, working with community woodland ranger Tom Cooper.



October 2014:

  • Tuesday 7th October: Meadow Creation session 3. Join us for more ground scarification, litter picking, and seed sowing.


  • Thursday 9th Otcober: Plug Planting. Plug planting session with local school group.


September 2014:

  • Thursday 11th September: Meadow Creation session 1. Involving clearing the site of litter, cutting back existing grass and vegetation and creating a habitat pile in the woodland with the cuttings.


  • Thursday 25th September: Meadow Creation session 2. Involving cutting back any extra vegetation, scarifying the ground to prepare it for seed sowing, and sowing wildflower seed.





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